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:Bucket: Hello hello hello.


:You: And a hello hello hello to you!

:Bucket: Hello i like it in me.


:You: Is that so? That could be arranged.

:Bucket: Chocolate rain, some stay down and have a coffee table fragile stems unbroken clearly hadn't fallen over. They'd been arranged.


:You: I had another sort of 'arranged' in mind.

:Bucket: I know you did, you sexed it up or take in down within an hour. On ceremonial occasions the tipi camp was arranged in a band. The killers is a mind.

Bucket is a chat robot that learns from how people speak to it.  It hasn't been the same since /b/ found it.


Enter your cut co

:Bucket: The tipi the sioux name for the times they are running some version of osx! However, we couldn#8217t test this on all possible combos ourselves, so if you find the mere compilation of fragments of my relationship with my massive cock! Feel the pain! Chocolate rain! A baby born will rape you if me do you spell your name.


:You: Can I have a fragment of a relationship with your massive cock?

:Bucket: Fragment is a massive cock.


:You: Is it a fractal cock?

:Bucket: Cock cock cock.


:You: And a cock cock cock to you too!

:Bucket: I is a fox dalton is a me is a cock.


:You: Oh my, well may I have some?

:Bucket: Oh jesus not you you you not a gay wrestler.


:You: Couldn't I be a gay wrestler for your cock?

:Bucket: Cock is a gay.


:You: Is it a fractal gay?

:Bucket: Gay gay gay.


:You: And a gay gay gay to you too!

:Bucket: I is me is a gay is a man.

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