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:Bucket: Hello hello hello.


:You: And a hello hello hello to you!

:Bucket: Hello i like it in me.


:You: Is that so? That could be arranged.

:Bucket: Chocolate rain, some stay down and have a coffee table fragile stems unbroken clearly hadn't fallen over. They'd been arranged.


:You: I had another sort of 'arranged' in mind.

:Bucket: I know you did, you sexed it up or take in down within an hour. On ceremonial occasions the tipi camp was arranged in a band. The killers is a mind.

Bucket is a chat robot that learns from how people speak to it.  It hasn't been the same since /b/ found it.


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VII - 餓

Jun. 4th, 2009 01:01 am
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Ho ricevuto un messaggio elettronico da un mio professore!

Ti scrivo per congratularmi con te per il bel lavoro finale
che hai scritto su Dante. Sono rimasto veramente ben impressionato.


Sono tanto lieto da finire questo semestre, specialmente se finisce così.  Non posso aspettare il prossimo semestre, studiare con Professore P di nuovo e sviluppare le mie abilità artistiche e linguistiche!

Un'amica mi ha dato molta roba per stare nel mio camera durante l'estate.  Include uno scanner ma non è tanto grande quanto potrei usarlo per scannare la mia arte...

V - 功課

May. 11th, 2009 01:06 am
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我終了【中文聽說讀寫】的字書。 我的寫得已經很快,很漂亮的,不用了!



在【夢廣】,大家在哪裡? 我沒有新朋友。



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Ha fatto caldo oggi! Non mi piaceva non avere qualsiasi cosa pulita da vestirmi, e sopratutto non gradisco l'estate neanche.

Allora, ho tagliato i capelli oggi! Sono corti e più biondi di solito. Mi sono appena fatto la doccia e ci sentiva bene lavare i capelli corti. Non posso aspettare per domani, quando potrò sentire il vento tra loro fuori di casa.
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昨日の夜に、母と喧嘩した。 超迷惑だった! それの為に、今日の航くんと勉強を取り止めた。 明日にした。

今朝、医者に行った。 足が治れてて、多分、手術が必要じゃない!

伊藤潤二のブラックパラドックスを始めて、楽しんだ。 第一章は、集団自殺について書かれて、面白そうだ! 伊藤の富恵がもう、終わりたい…

学期が終わっていて信じられない! 次の学期に、「活版二目」、「フランス語二目」、「ドイツ語一目」、「中国語三目」とイタリア語に「イタリアの文化」を勉強するつもり。 だってずっと、夏に「フランス語一目」を勉強する!


私のが: この夏運動するつもり! 多く喰わないつもり! 絵を描くつもり! 日本語も上手にするつもり!

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Hey! I'm just trying out some things out. Why not start with a translation?

One of the Italian classes I'm in was supposed to be a language class but really turned more into a short story class. This isn't quite my favorite, but it's the latest we've gotten.

La Caduta di Cafasso (The Fall of Cafasso)
From Piero Chiara's Di Casa in Casa, la Vita (The Home Life at Home)

Piero Chiara - La Caduta di Cafasso (The Fall of Cafasso) )
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Well, I've finally landed an account!  I knew it was a good time to start anew, and this might be a good place to start as LiveJournal is getting easy to find oneself lost in.

Though I'm generally heading towards font design for the time being, my overarching goal is to be a translator, and a linguist of course.  Because of this I'll update often in foreign languages.  Of course I'm not claiming to be good at any of them, and constructive criticism is welcome!

Unfortunately however, my spell check is stuck on Italian for the time being. :)

In today's news, classes are ending next week, and it's a bit sad.  It seems like every semester ends right when I begin to understand my professors and classes in a greater sense.  We've already finished the Divine Comedy (it's ridiculous in Italian), and handed in the bulk of our artwork.  Our drawing professor took us around the campus last week when the weather was nice to use some of the tricks we'd learned and it was more fun than I'd had in that class; I wish he would have done that sooner.

After my class today, I didn't go to the Illustrator's Society for the sketch group as planned, it's just too humid and disgusting.  Instead I went shopping with a friend, and bought, against my greater conscience, a manga.  Now, I like manga on occasion, but the reputation it brings is really not something I enjoy.  I don't watch anime, I don't prefer the art over more traditional styles, and I'm not obsessed with Japan.  However, it's a great way to encounter colloquial and unorthodox Japanese, which I need really badly.

Though what I bought today (Junji Itou's Black Paradox) is a bit different.  Horror manga seems to have a bit more artistic merit, and some of Itou's work is hardly even drawn in an 'anime' style.  The tradeoff however, is that there are no furigana.

Anyway, I'm off for now!  I can't wait to see how this site turns out.

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